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Small Metal Curved Vase

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There are numerous ways to decorate a room and each design scheme should be finished off with a beautiful accent piece such as this small metal curve vase. This is a meticulously-designed piece that simply exudes class, making it the ideal accent for nearly every room. This small vase can be paired with a number of unique items, such as flowers and fruit, which will provide a splash of color and life to the surroundings.

Made from some of the finest polished aluminum on the market, this accent piece will grab someone's attention without overwhelming the rest of the decor. It comes in two different colors, gold and silver, and serves as the perfect backdrop for its contents. The dimensions of this small metal curve vase are as follows:

  • Curved designer bowl
  • The perfect accent for any room
  • Made of polished aluminum
  • Available in two sizes
  • Small: height = 7.25" | length = 12" | width = 10"

There is simply nothing quite like this gorgeous small metal curve vase. It can either serve as a decorative item on its own or be filled with a floral or fruit item. For this reason, consider going with this polished aluminum small metal curve vase. It is an elegant, versatile, and durable accent piece.