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By Jason Fisher

After working for over 20 years in Corporate Retail, I finally became happy enough with an idea I had while driving to work one day. Throughout my 20-year digital marketing career, I’ve held positions in corporate retail and freelance as a Senior Web Designer, Creative Director, Social Media Planner/Producer and Photography Set Assistant. All positions being in the fashion retail and Luxury Fashion business. So, I for sure know how to make a web site that will sell a product. I finally thought “Wait, I’m going to make my own fashion brand and merchandise!!!!!!!”. And now a whole website to support it.

How did I get to this?
Every year I attend WWD MAGIC. One of the biggest fashion retail trade shows in the world. If you have ever wanted to start your own Charming Charlie’s, NastyGal.com, FashionNova.com or a boutique with your designed merchandise… this is the tradeshow to go to.

While walking around MAGIC Tradeshow in 2017 I met a couple that made and distributed soy candles. Minutes after walking away from their booth the ideas began turning in my head, pounding words and notes into my iPhone as fast as I could. About two weeks after the tradeshow I reached out to the couple, explained my idea, the design of candle and scent I had in mind, negotiated pricing and freight shipping prices were quickly locked up.

Now I just needed a name for the candle, marketing ideas, omni-channel selling platforms, strategic retail planning and shit tons of money for advertising. lol

And that’s what took two years. I’m a very creative person and making creative decisions for my self are painful. I’m my own worse critic/enemy. The struggle is the best part right?

Why a candle?
Why not shoes, jeans or sport coats?
Trust me I tried. Jeans then shoes. I tried it all. The truth is in America you have to have money to make money. Very accurate in the fashion industry. Designing, sourcing and stocking my own brand of jeans seemed to start at prices of $20,000 per minimum order. A significant risk for me to take on my first product.

I guess the stars aligned that I found the vendor I did, a unique name and ran with it.

Melting Cocaine?
Did you really name it that?
I actually have over 18ish names I ended up considering. When I said “Melting Cocaine” in my head while driving to work one day I pulled over, made a note and actually wrote the description copy you can see on the Amazon.com page. As easy as that lol. I knew that was the name the second I said it. Later that night I began the trademark process and registering dot coms and social. Oh, and yes… I’m already working on candle #2 and using one of the other names I had thought up for candle #1.

Melting Cocaine™ is a masculine scented candle that comes in a shiny gold canister and a plain white box. I personally think and have been told that its scent is “memorable” and very “unique”.

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Founder/Creative Director - Jason Fisher

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