Love Torch - Bachatango - Fisher
Love Torch - Bachatango - Fisher
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Love Torch™ - Bachatango

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A relaxing yet sexy buzz flows through the streets and beaches of South Beach. At times the excitement and sounds can light up the night with a glow that could only come from a city like Miami. My Love Torch Bachatango scent is inspired by the memories of my first trip to South Beach, Miami.

  • Top Notes: Tobacco leaf, Sensual Spices
  • Middle Notes: Tonka bean, Vanilla
  • Tobacco Blossom, Cacao
  • Base Notes: Dried Fruits & Wood
After three long days of business, I finally had a night to myself. In a short time, I had met a group of party-goers, became part of their wedding party, had a bottle of champagne in my hand and on a latin dance floor. This night was quickly becoming a night to remember having already had a passionate love for Latin music and dance.

I remember the music, dance and smells of ocean breeze the most. Latin music and dance styles of Salsa, Bachata, Bachatango, Reggaeton and Merengue have always been a passionate love of mine. What surprised me was the friendliness and sharing of my new friends. We each took turns showing and teaching each other dance moves from Latin America, Russia, Pakistan to Japan and all while laughing into the night with two drinks in our hands at all times. I of course, demonstrated break dancing but that is another candle idea for another time :)

By definition, Bachatango is a slow and intimate dance, pausing at times with smooth, sensual movement and inspired by combining Bachata and Tango and one of my new favorites.

  • Blush Tin
  • Travel Size: 3.5" w x 2" h
  • Burn Time: Approx. 25 hours
  • Wax Fill: 8 oz
  • Includes matching lid
  • Made in the USA

High grade 100% Soy Wax, Essential oil fragrance, Hand-poured in small batches

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